Plitvice lakes

One of the most stunning parks in Croatia is located only 2-2.5 hours away from Zagreb. Croatia’s top natural attraction and the absolute highlight of Croatia’s Adriatic hinterland, this glorious expanse of forested hills and turquoise lakes is exquisitely scenic – so much so that in 1979 Unesco proclaimed it a World Heritage Site.
Upon arrival to the park start the tour with expert local guide, walking along beautiful crystal blue and turquoise lakes, cascading into tens of spectacular waterfalls.
Sixteen lakes, divided in upper lakes on dolomite surface and lower on limestone, are separated by natural dams of traventine. The biggest waterfall is 78 m high. But those words are just facts – like with other wonders of nature, only way is to visit and make your own impression. The exceptional beauty of the lakes and waterfalls, rich plant and animal life, contrasting colours, forests and the pure mountain air are a unique experience.
Introduction – Plitvice Lakes (pdf)

Lunch will be around 16 h, thus we recommend to take some snacks with you. Also, there will be possibility to buy something during the break.

08:00 – departure from Zagreb
08:00 – 10:00 – bus journey to Plitvice lakes
10:00 – 16:00 – visiting the park

16:00 –17:00 – lunch (no drinks included)
17:00 – 19:00 – bus journey back to Zagreb


Zagreb guided tour – Upper and Down Town

A private guided walking tour of Zagreb’s historic center is on the agenda for the morning, starting in the hotel lobby with your guide. Discover how Zagreb came to be in the exploration of the historic district of the Upper Town (Gornji Grad). Comprised of a religious center and a home to merchants and craftsmen, this district is full of unique culture and architecture, covered on this private tour.
Enjoy the promenade through the magnificent Central-European city of Austrian and Hungarian cultural influence with secessionist, neo-baroque and art deco buildings. Visit the Cathedral, the Stone Gate, which is the eastern gate to medieval Gradec Town, the Lotrščak Tower, the Chaterine’s square, the 13th century St Mark’s Church, the Strossmayer Promenade, than very short, and steep, funicular railway line, which connects the Upper and Downtown, Zagreb’s bustling fruit and vegetable market Dolac situated on the ‘border’ between the Upper and Lower Towns, the main Ban Jelačić Square, Tkalčićeva Street with its numerous charming cafés and restaurants along old pedestrian strip, Flower Square, the Croatian National Theatre, and much more.

Zagreb is the city of green parks, lovely fountains, blooming flowers and artisans performing on every street corner. Explore with local expert guide the Zagreb Lower Town remarkable patchwork of central squares and parks was named after the great 19th-century urban planner Milan Lenuci. The locals also call it the Green Horseshoe because it connects seven delightful parks, including the Botanical Garden. The area features many landmark buildings housing scientific and cultural institutions, ministries, courts, museums, galleries and hotels, as well as Zagreb’s central railway station. We will also visit one of the Zagreb museums or exhibitions. Zagreb has an array of museums for every topic and every taste.

Medvednica Mountain – Zrinski Mine and Medvedgrad Visitor Center

Visible from every corner of the city, Mount Medvednica has always shielded Zagreb’s north side – either from cold winds or real enemies. Today the whole mountain is a nature park, boasting eight protected forest reserves. Because of its altitude and its numerous springs and streams, Medvednica’s flora and fauna are exceptionally diverse. At a height of 1033 metres, Sljeme summit is a popular local hiking destination. Marked hiking trails criss-cross the mountain, with charming mountain huts serving excellent homemade food in a cheerful atmosphere.
After hike, we will visit as well Zrinski Mine – Middle Ages silver mine and find out on a guided tour more about the daily life of miners from the Middle Ages. One of the best viewpoints is at the medieval Medvedgrad Castle on the southern slops of the Medvednica Mountain. Nature lovers would enjoy hiking the paths of this nature park with great hearty food and welcoming atmosphere.

Duration: 6 h

Karlovac City on the Four Rivers – guided tour and visiting Aquatika Freshwater Aquarium

Croatia is one of the European countries with the richest ichthyofauna and flora , and the city of Karlovac, as a city famous for its four rivers , is a particularly suitable place for the presentation of the natural richness of our fresh waters. On this excursion you will have chance to enjoy the historic route of Karlovac. This route will take you from the most distant point, both in space and time, from the 13th century Dubovac Castle, to the 14th century Old Town (the Star), to the 19th century parks and, eventually, to the 21st century Aquatika aquarium. You’ll go along a promenade, shaded by chestnut trees, along the Kupa banks, leave one river and approach the next one, along a connecting street. Having entered the historic Old Town, you’ll be transported to the century of the town’s foundation. Let this star-shaped fortress be your guiding star for further exploration. The Radićeva street, the Katzler Pavilion, the Holy Trinity Church, the Franciscan monastery, the Town Museum… and then a little break in one of the restaurants or cafés. We will continue with walk through the Vrbanić Gardens and you’ll arrive to the Korana bank and be greeted by a pair of swans in love, showing you the way to Aquatika – the freshwater aquarium. Dive into the fish world and get to know the Karlovac rivers from a new perspective. AQUATIKA – freshwater aquarium Karlovac is a tourist attraction based on the bio-diversity of Karlovac rivers and lakes and the rich tradition of life on the rivers Kupa, Korana, Mrežnica and Dobra.

Duration: 7-8 hours


Leave the city for the day and travel back in time on a day tour, experiencing life like a king or queen in the picturesque region of Zagorje. This hilly region is filled with Medieval and Renaissance fortresses along with Baroque castles, leading to a romantic countryside landscape and remarkable architecture loved by all who visit the area. Explore the most famous of all Zagorje castles, the pearl of Zagorje, the castle Trakošćan. Originally a small medieval observation fortress, it was turned into a castle for noble families. Stroll through Trakošćan’s ethereal music salon, be wowed by the impressive weapons collection, and relish the integral architecture and décor of the noble estate. Trakošćan is one of the most visited tourist destinations of continental Croatia, located 70 km away from Zagreb and around 40 km away from Varaždin.
Continue your tour down the baroque and rococo lane, in the lovely town Varaždin, the best-preserved Croatian example of those lively times and a historical nucleus of Croatia. Varaždin was built over the centuries and different stylistic influences, varying fashions of certain historical periods and wishes of the investors created an interesting and somewhat unusual harmony of flora and fauna, mythical animals and unusual characters built into the facades of the houses and palaces in the historic City core. Its unique urban identity shows not only the opulent Baroque architecture of the historic core but also the warmth of its squares and romantic streets. The town was made the capital of Croatia in 1767, a position it held until a disastrous fire in 1776, when the Croatian ban (viceroy) packed up and moved his administration to Zagreb. The still-thriving town was quickly rebuilt in the baroque style, which is still visible today. Your stroll through Old Town will include baroque facades, parks and palaces, and the tour’s highlight – Old Castle – an old feudal fort. Return to Zagreb in the late afternoon.
Duration: 7-8 h


Krk Island (65 euros, not included in the registration fee)

On our day trip you will discover island Krk, Croatia’s largest and the most accessible island. Uncover its charms and treasures visiting its beautiful and varied landscapes, its thousand year-old monuments, museums and galleries.
Vrbnik is charming and peaceful medieval small village perched on a 48 m cliff, overlooking the Adriatic sea. The perfect place to enjoy the views and taste excellent local wine wine žlahtina. Out tour will continue to Krk town, former Roman settlement and visit its grand Romanesque cathedral and a 12th-century Frankopan castle. Continue to the islet of Košljun, only a 10-minute boat ride away. The Franciscan monks on the little islet still run the 12th-century monastery. The drive to the southern end of Krk Island to Baška town and Jurandvor village, the site of one of the most important cultural discoveries in Croatia – the 11th-Baška tablet written in Glagolitic, which was found in the floor of the church of st.Lucy.
In the late afternoon, return to Zagreb.
Distance from Zagreb – 190 km (one way)
Duration: full day (cca 10 hours)
Price per person is based on minimum 40 participants per bus.
Price per person includes: return bus transfer from Zagreb to Krk island, a licenced tour guide, return boat ride to Košljun, Košljun monastery entrance fee, Jurandvor entrance fee, wine tasting and lunch (no drinks included).

Other Individual Excursions

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